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The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN) is committed to working collaboratively with health care providers. We deliver improvements to your quality measure through our unique approach to locally-provided patient care. 

Enhanced Services for Your Patients

Our community pharmacies also all provide a variety of enhanced services that all patients can access. Services include:

  • Medication delivery

  • Adherence packaging

  • Medication Synchronization

  • Immunizations

  • Naloxone Dispensing

  • Medication Reconciliations

  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews

  • and more!

Select PPCN Pharmacies provide additional enhanced services including:

  • Smoking Cessation Programs

  • Durable Medical Equipment

  • Diabetic Self Management Education

  • Diabetic Foot Exams

  • Point of Care Testing

  • Specialty Medication Compounding

  • and more!​

Through individualized direct care, PPCN pharmacists serve as part of the health care continuum to ensure the quality of care for your patients and help optimize outcomes on their behalf.

You can feel confident with PPCN as your partner in patient care. Our pharmacists are held to the highest standards and undergo rigorous training to ensure effective, consistent and quality medication management delivery. PPCN collaborates with STRAND Clinical Technologies allowing pharmacists to document patient interactions on an electronic health record and share patient information securely with the rest of the healthcare team. STRAND creates and sends Pharmacist eCare plans, and provides additional educational tools and pathways to assist pharmacists in improving patient health outcomes.

Improve Your Patients' Outcomes with PPCN

Contact us today to see how PPCN can be an effective and collaborative partner on your patients' behalf. Find a PPCN pharmacy in your area with the Pharmacy Locator.

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