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The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN) is an opportunity for pharmacists to expand beyond traditional dispensing services and play a critical role in the overall health care system by providing comprehensive medication management services.

Collectively, We Are Stronger

PPCN can support your efforts in providing advanced patient care services & enhance the value of your business! Connect with 3,500+ pharmacies nationwide to get paid for services & quality care you provide now.

Why You Should Join

  • Reimbursements

    • PPCN works directly with non-PBM payers for fair compensation of services that leverage quality & allows for a sustainable pharmacy business model.​

  • Benefits​

    • PPCN actively markets member pharmacies to health plans, health departments, & other stakeholders. We propose services that improve care & provide new business opportunities for your pharmacy, separate from dispensing drugs.​

  • Access to contracts for clinical services such as:​

    • Immunizations​

    • Tobacco Cessation Counseling

    • COVID-19 Vaccine Home Visits

    • Comprehensive Medication Reviews

    • Disease State Management & Education


Are you a Pennsylvania pharmacist who wants to expand your professional skills by delivering direct patient care? PPCN provides you with that opportunity. Enroll in our Comprehensive Medication Management Collaborative. Please fill out the form below to get started.

Opportunities for Growth and Promotion

We support your efforts in providing advanced patient care services & enhancing the value of your business. This will give you the opportunity to connect with 3,500+ pharmacies nationwide to network, build relationships, & share resources. We encourage services that improve patient care & provide new business opportunities for you pharmacy, separate from dispensing drugs.

Flip the Pharmacy

PPA is excited to participate in the national Flip The Pharmacy (FTP) initiative. In Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy took the lead on Flip the Pharmacy and is coordinating all the efforts. 


What is Flip The Pharmacy and Why Participate? 
Scalable pharmacy practice transformation requires changes to workflow, care processes and business modeling in repeatable, consistent and achievable increments.   Change Packages prescribe those incremental changes in logical sequencing alongside near-real time feedback that takes on the form of intervention data and a helping hand.

The Flip the Pharmacy Program will utilize tried and true   implementation strategies through the use of a Nationwide Change Package that all Practice Transformation Teams will utilize in unison with the local support of Practice Transformation Coaches who will develop close relationships with the Participating Pharmacies and engage in frequent on-site visits to share data coming from the Participant Pharmacy's patient care activities to provide insights and feedback on workflow, care processes and business modeling.


To learn more about the national FTP Initiative, click here


Additionally, the ACT Collaborative is supporting the FTP program.  For more information on ACT, click here

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