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The clinically integrated network of community pharmacy healthcare providers that are a part of PPCN are here to help you and your high risk employees benefit from our hands-on experience engaging and caring for patients with various chronic diseases.

Since many chronic diseases require local delivery, easy and effective medication management, and interconnected care, you are going to need a provider network that can do all that for you to make you and your employees' lives easier. With PPCN pharmacy providers, you can get all of that. Read about other CPESN's payer success stories by clicking the button below.

Reducing Costs & Closing the Gap

PPCN pharmacy providers have implemented dozens of customized payer programs with flexible reimbursement models that include:

  • Value-based payment models

  • Flat Per Member Per Month (PMPM) fees

  • Traditional fee-for service

  • Performance payments or performance bonuses

  • Tiered PMPM based on patient risk

​Collaborated Healthcare Partners

Through direct, individualized care, PPCN pharmacists enhance the quality of patient care delivered to your members and help optimize their outcomes. This engagement contributes to member satisfaction and helps reduce overall health care costs for you.

PPCN pharmacists undergo rigorous training to ensure effective, consistent and quality medication management delivery. They are committed to continuous, quality improvement. Our commitment includes collecting and analyzing data to provide you with real numbers so you can assess your ROI.

Locate & Contact

This easy tool can help you connect your members that need additional services to pharmacies in their area that offer a variety of enhanced services beyond traditional dispensing. Examples include: adherence packaging, medication synchronization, naloxone dispensing, free home delivery, and many more!

Fill out the contact form below to learn more and see how PPCN can benefit both you and your membership!

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